Spooky Panda


As the morning sun rises, the alarm starts to ring
Empty and devoid, I pull the sheets off
Starring out the window, watching the sunrise
It's warmth can't abolish the cold in my heart
I put my clothes on, my artificial skin I wear
My front door I close, as the open world greets me once more

The endless wind carry my dreams, away from this reality
I become a copy of yesterdays me, a copy of a copy
The teachings are all the same, and carry me into the obscurity of my mind
As the food losses it's flavour and color, so do I
The bell rings, ending another day of an endless library
Every step sinking me deeper and deeper, struggling to get home

Swinging open the front door, it all seems too familiar
Everything I own, replaced with an exact copy
The devouring eyes of my neighbours, starring at the abyss
As walking entities walk outside my home, I hide myself in fear
And when there is a knock on the door, I suspect the worst
If the world comes to an end, I welcome it with open arms

As the sun starts to set, a pensive mood settles in the house
My nocturnal nature becomes apparent, as darkness engulfs the town
My mind gathers the memories of the days that were lost
Desperate attempts to look for meaning in empty places
Walking in the dark, the only lights are blinding
The cold starts to embrace me, as I feel myself slowly fade for another day
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