Alex Roth

April 24, 1981 - Des Moines, Iowa
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Bitter winter return of the bleeding dream supplies mountains licking knives as an abyss eats, talks, mashes, and burns crashing symbols.

Time sounds like a searing sky…

Her love’s tender disgrace multiplies lies by flies fucking in a window sill sculpted within nightmares reaping and repeating as Yaldaboath rapes Sofia a sunburst sky seizure drizzling fall

Slowly a butterfly flits in noon’s hyacinth cry…

Numb burrs in her saddle riding hard tonight rocking rolling in her shack til dawn screams light

Down dream concrete face-lift cocaine flesh mesh orgy of painted nihilistic whores and overlord bores wearing gold gilt reps until sirens of corporate night encircle their opiate magi and kill them
one magi at a rhyme said the voice of bleeding lifetime immersions there is no other way within us
to transmit this

Trance eye

A wake


Reverse black rapture on its dread in the mystery
Poses of salvation in a whore riding hot and heavy
Plight by royal dust stirring an aching inside Silence

Grow wring degradation
Eating dinosaurs and flying
Disks the shape of propaganda

It abounds with hounds, heathens, and leavened deeds of the dead…
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