Alana Alpres

Wilmslow UK, 4th of June 2004
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In this world of capitalism's grasp,
Where wealth is worshiped and morals lapse,
I stand at a crossroads, torn between two fates,
One that feeds the fire, and one that breaks the gates.

On the one hand, I am tempted by the lure of success,
To climb the corporate ladder and fulfill my own excess,
But on the other, I hear the call of a different way,
A path of purpose and meaning, not just chasing pay.

I see the greed of those in power,
Their hearts blackened by their own avarice,
Caring not for the well-being of others,
But only for their own selfish endeavors.

The world is running low on oil,
But first world countries continue to spoil,
Donating three-quarters of their GDP
Into the endless war somewhere in Ukraine,
Leaving so many in need and suffering, left to their fate.

I wonder, is this the life I want to lead?
A constant race for riches, with no time to take heed
Of the things that truly matter, the things that bring us joy,
Like love, and kindness, and a sense of purpose and employ.

So I am left with a choice to make,
To follow the path that society has laid,
Or to forge my own, and break free from the mold,
And not just be a pawn in someone else's race
To seek a life of meaning, and not just be sold.

I long for a world where love and kindness reign,
Where we lift each other up, and not just seek personal gain,
Where we can find fulfillment and joy,
Not just in the pursuit of wealth, but in the things we deploy.
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