airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Life is Karma

Do you know why we came to earth?
Why did we get this human birth?
Everything that happens in our life is Karma.
Very few of us realize the Truth of this drama!

How does the Law of Karma work?
What happens when from morals and ethics we shirk?
Whatever you do, that’s what you will get.
Nobody can escape from Karma, that’s a bet!

Why don’t we see an apple on a mango tree?
Is there a way from Karma to be free?
The law has a principle - as you sow, so shall you reap.
If we are going to sin, we are sure to weep!

Why do we see a child being born blind?
Why do we think that God is unkind?
Because we don’t realize the Divine Truth,
Life is Karma, we don’t get to the root.

Is God controlling our Life from heaven?
Is there a way to reach cloud eleven?
The Creator has created the Law of the Deed.
Our good Karma will make us happy, indeed!

Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why is there suffering for the weak and the feeble?
Nothing is luck, nothing depends on chance.
Life is a drama and Karma makes us dance!

Why do we cry, look at the sky and ask ‘Why?’
Oh Lord, I didn’t murder or kill, did I?
While we pray to God as we experience hell,
We don’t listen to the Truth that Karma does tell!

Can anybody escape from Karma, the action?
Can anybody escape from Life, the reaction?
Whatever we have done, we must receive the fruit.
Karma is Life, this is the Truth

Does Life depend on Chance? Does Life depend on luck?
Can we control whatever happens, choose what to pluck?
While we have a freewill and can choose our deeds,
We can’t escape from the thorns that we planted as seeds

Does Karma decide all that happens on earth?
Will Karma also decide our rebirth?
Yes, we are glad or sad, depending on what we do.
And this will continue into our next Life, it is true!

Who carries the Karma, to whom does it belong?
Is the account of Karma, short or long?
The body will die, but Karma belongs to the mind.
It will appear in a new body, leaving the dead one behind!

The Law of Karma, can anyone escape?
Is it only for a man or also for an ape?
Every living creature must follow this law.
The law is perfect, it has no flaw!

Who controls Life, Karma or God?
Can I get away if I pray to my Lord?
Those who think that prayer can do the trick,
They ultimately cry, when Karma gives a kick!

To whom does this Law of Karma belong?
Is Karma stronger or is God more strong?
God has created Karma to control the earth.
Everything is Karma, our death and our birth!

How can we then from Karma escape?
How can we reach God at heaven’s gate?
Only those who realize – the doer is not ‘I’
From Karma they are free and to God they fly!

What is the way from Karma to be free?
To be born, not to return as a human, animal or tree?
When we realize we are not the body, ego and mind,
Then free from Karma ourselves we will find!

What is the mystery that happens at death?
What happens when the body loses its breath?
Those who carry Karma, will come back to earth.
As per their action, will be their rebirth!

What is the way to escape rebirth?
How can I escape from the triple suffering on earth?
It happens by realizing we are the Divine Soul,
This is our Life’s ultimate goal!

What happens to those who don’t Realize the Truth?
What happens if we don’t discover Karma in our youth?
Agony of the ego, we face, misery of body and mind
And this will continue again and again, we will find!

So why should we worry about Karma and our Life?
Why not just enjoy with our kids, our family life?
If we don’t realize Life is Karma, we will cry,
And we will return to suffer after we die!

What is our Life’s ultimate goal?
Is it necessary to live as the Soul?
Yes, this is the way to realize God
To live blissfully on earth till we unite with our Lord!
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