airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Karma, Death and Rebirth

The Karmic account doesn't stop at death.
It continues life after life.
At Death, the Body Dies but ME (Mind + Ego)
with Karma is reborn!
Death is not the End.
It is just a Bend.
Our Karma makes us live again and again
and the cycle continues.
As long as there is Karma,
we are reborn.
And as long as we are alive,
we will be creating Karma.

What did I do Oh Master!
That God brought you my way?
What would I be without you...
Struggling in darkness every day?
You caught my hand and led me
On the path for Truth to find
And finally to liberate me
Realizing I am not the body or mind.
You live in my heart forever
As my Guru and God on Earth
How can any words of gratitude
Express what is your true worth!
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