Abigail Wolf

Ohio- December 23,2001
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The Ocean

The sand under my feet, was like starting anew
A fresh start from all my past mishaps
Like every place I walked before... was wrong

Every step before was like stepping on the backspace
Wondering when I would take the right step
Wondering if I would ever take a step in the right direction

Why does the ocean help me realize, realize what I've been doing wrong
The ocean is such a peaceful place, a place where you can go
Go and just think, think about everything life has thrown your way

I feel refreshed after just one dip, in your salty water
You hold many wonders, wonders I can only hope to know someday.
Someday I hope to hold as many wonders as you, I know my life may never be full

My heart is like an open book that people, write on, throw away
Tear apart, burn and forget that I too am beautiful,
And I deserved to be loved,
Loved just like everybody else,
Not like crap or like a piece of property

But like a real person, a person who has feelings
A person who wears their heart on their sleeve,
No matter how many times it has been broken...
A person who has been through hell,
And still smiles like nothing happened,
A person who loves and loves openly and honestly

I am a person who loves unconditionally and forgives without thinking twice
Maybe that's why I've been hurt so many times.

But I come back to the ocean and realize,
That if I look past everything that has happened to me,
Then and only then do I realize that the only thing that matters...
Is how as long as I know who I am, nothing else matters.

Nothing else matters because, I am, who I am,
There is nothing anything anybody can do to change that.
Thank you ocean, for opening up my eyes,
To see what I've been ignoring all these years.

Now people say that the ocean can not open your eyes,
They say that you can not open my eyes to the truth,
The very truth I've been running from,
But I know you can.
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