Aaron Maitreya Singh

April 25, 2013-India (New Delhi)
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My vision for my country

Where people have loyalty and truth in their persona;
Where country is free and have equality between men, women and all other genders;
Where people believe that there is no such difference in being human;
Where country speaks against wrongs and never stay under the shed of others;
where people are independent and always trying to do their best;
where people have a never giving up attitude and avoidance to negativity;
into such country i want to live where people try their best, pray, have faith, and hope that all their efforts are worth, cause i believe that all efforts of people will be worth and faith will always stay with those who have it.
Into such country i live where people respect each other like they are brothers and say no to violence ;
In hope that our people will always stay under peace treaty i want my country to be such.

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