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Yours to chose (denial)

Some people say I am rude, mean, a bully even.
They ask me if I get happy when insulting people, as if I am that cruel.
What they don't realize is quite basic human psychology.
Obviously something their limited brains can not handle.
Our words often describe us more than the person we insult.
Now is this true all the time? No.
It's just something to consider when someone says something about you that is not true.
Now, is it wrong to be straightforward with others?
I think you might get several different answers.
Are any of them wrong? I do not know.
But who are we to play God, to tell people what is right, what is wrong?
What is good and what is evil?
We can not say anything as humans, because we are made of flaws.
Adam and Eve made it possible for us to commit sins.
We now always want what we can not have, it is now a part of our nature.

I´ve told you what people think of me.
But all I am is truthful.
I am not as arrogant as I seem.
I am just a bit harsh.
I played the game too long, trying to fit in.
Now my patience is out and in.
I am Human after all.
Though that is not a great excuse now is it?
Because also as humans we are adaptive.
I just think I get tired of being so all the time.
When so many things always seem to change in my life.
I see myself as helping others, giving them the push they need.
Others see me as bullying, worried about others' mental health.
But, to be successful, you usually have to hit rock bottom.
If you want to be a great person, you have to be ripped apart to be the best version of yourself.
Cynical do you think I am now?
One that's in denial?
I cannot answer that at the moment.
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