The Prayer

O Lord our father deere, through thy beloued Sonne,
Who els art but an vpright iudge, to geue vs dolefull doome.
Thy seate is in the heauens, which man cannot conceaue.
Contayning all thinges, not contaynd, whome time is faine to leaue,
To whome all prayse is due, thy name most reuerent.
Whose kingdome still must rayne and rule, thy purpose permanent.
Beholde thy children poore, oppressed sore with sinne.
The burthen greate, we cannot beare, the weight that is therin.
Behold vs lothsome whelpes, to whome no bread is due,
which we must needs confesse O Lord, to be both iust and true.
we know it is not meete, that dogges deuoure the foode.
Belonging to the childrens lotte, prepared for their good.
But from the childrens board, maye fall some crummes which we.
By thy good grace may gather vp, and so sustained bee.
Shunne not this little fayth, though very small it prooue.
But furnish it with feruencie, that it may neuer moue.
Strength vs with sturdie hope, thy vesture but to tutche.
Our blouddie issue may be stopt, that troubleth vs so much.
Our leprosie likewise, Lord clense, and being cleane.
We may returne with thankefulnes, that thanklesse long haue bene.
Unworthy are our mouthes, thy worthy prayse to giue.
But onely say the worde O Lord, and our sick soule shall liue.
Our Palsie put a way, which would preuent thy grace.
And say our sinnes forgiuen be, lo wee shall mend apace.
For sinne is sure the cause, of thy displeasure sore.
Till thou in mercy bid vs go, in peace, and sinne no more.
Then may we haue acces, as children to beholde.
The countnaunce of a father deere, and neuer be controlde.
To whome with ioy we bring, thy Christ and with him craue.
That our petition may be heard, and gracious graunt to haue,
Our follies Lord forgiue, and pardon that is past:
Repayre the ruine of our fayth, and stablish it at last.
We do confesse O Lord, vnworthy wee haue bene.
To reape so great a grace from thee, as is our gracious Queene.
with whome so bounteously, thy blessings haue bene sent.
Such as the nations round about, colde neuer yet frequent.
Thy gospell giuen with peace, that in her heart shee brought.
And in her hand the scepter held, whereby thy truth was taught.
But grateles Gergesices, colde not embrace the same,
But rather sent it from their coastes, for feare of losse or blame.
For which thy threatned wrath, hath thondered in our eares.
with signes and wonders that are past, and dayly yet appeeres.
Amongst which threatnings straunge, this last is not the least.
The likely losse of this our Queene, which threatneth our vnrest.
In whome thou hast layd vp, our hope for happie daies.
By whome thou dost defende thy Church, in peace to giue thee prayse.
For which thy mercies greate, the malice of thy foes,
with murthering mindes do marche aloft, thy scepter to depose.
But thou hast broke the teeth, of eache vngodly one.
Though in their wicked enterprise, thou let them long alone.
Surueiw their vile deuice, let iordaine floud bee dryde.
Hurle down the walles of Iericho, supplant them in their pride.
Abash the brazen face, of Bayarde bolde and blinde,
Let Holophernes feele the force, of Iudiths godly minde.
Let Pharaoh finde and knowe, what fellow is the Lorde,
Let all amazde Madians meete, with edge of Gedeons swore.
Let Haman haue the doome, for Mardoche deuisde,
shut vp the shameles mouth of him, that hath thy name despisde.
Ty vp those Tyrants Lorde, Let Samson teare their iawes,
Let Daniel deale with wicked Iudge, by lot of Godly lawes.
O Let thy feeble flocke, haue such defence and ayde,
That Atheisis, Papists and the rest, may see and be afrayde.
We know O Lorde our God, our wretchednes is such,
That we do more deserue thy rod, then mercy halfe so much.
But for thine own names sake, drawe now thy sword and kill.
Thy foes that fayne would Babel builde, on sacred Syon hill.
Their cankered cruell hearts, doe gape for guiltles bloude.
To suck it from her princely brest, that seekes to do them good.
But we beholde O Lorde, thy holy helping hande,
And doe perceiue thy passing powre, their purpose to withstande,
Howe thou haste led them foarth in liew of their delight,
Like howndes that looke for greedy game, their pray in present sight.
But when their match was made, their mouths were muzled vp,
Ne coulde they bite, nor skarsly barke, their chaps by thee were shut.
Their tygrish harts turnde vp, for all their leaue and scope,
To their reproche, but our releefe, and her assured hope,
For which they maruellous might, we magnify thy name,
Which haste in mercy made vs see, her safety to their shame.
which seene can neuer sincke, out of the heartes of thine,
But register and eke recorde, the same from time to time.
Our broken hartes we bring, and bowed knees we bend,
Beseeching thee in mercy still, her state and ours defend.
O heare the humble sute, of ashes, earth, and dust,
and helpe vs Lorde in time of neede, thou art our onely trust.
Be guide vnto her grace, from feare of future foes,
Deliuer her from dayly doubtes, that present daunger shoes.
Conuert or else confounde, the troup of traytors all,
Depaint them out in colours plaine, that they may faint and fall.
And let her fearfull heart, feele comfort from thy throne,
Aduauncing her with vertuous minde, to yeelde thee thankes alone.
Prepare and plant her sure, in garden of thy grace,
That she may growe to happy dayes, and health in heauenly place.
And on thy children poore, such blessings Lorde bestowe,
That they may haue thy holy worde and sacramentes also.
And on this little land, cast downe thy carefull eye,
Continue still thy wonted grace, and heare vs when we cry,
And though we shall offend, yet doe not vs forsake,
But when we come before thy throne, our prayers for to make.
Then heare and helpe vs Lorde, according to thy worde,
That we may say and sing aloud, Amen through Christ our Lorde.
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