A Warning To All Trayterous Papists

Come forth ye Papistes and confesse, that God is iust and true
Come on I say and see the proofe, now practised on you.
Ye nations all that neighbours are, be witnesse to the same:
That God hath broke their brasen walles, all glory to his name.
What eye so dimme, or darke by age, or blinde by natures arte:
That hath not seene by sondry showes, how God hath playd his part.
In loue he hath relieu'de his Church, by tyrauntes long opprest,
And therein plaste his Debora, and this our country blest.
Whose staggering state full oft did stand, on topp of treasons towre:
From whence was brought the batterie, that should her life deuour,
What meanes were made for to impeache, her maiesties good name:
UUhat shifts to shed her guiltlesse bloud, by shauelinges voyd of shame,
That if our God had not begonne, his Scepter forth to show:
His Church and Children had bene spilde, and this our Prince also,
who maugre Saule, and Doegs drifte, hath Dauid set on throne:
By whom his Church hath liu'd in peace, yeares twentie sixe and one,
with blessinges more aboundantly, then can with toong be tolde:
which christian countries can report, and you your selues beholde.
But Sathan neuer satisfitd, his malice to aduaunce:
Hath practised conspiracies, from Rome, from Spaine and Fraunce,
Yea and at home, with houshold mates, whose feete her courts did tread:
whome she aduaunst to dignities, with whome she brake her bread.
Not onely rayling Semei, that churlishly could chide:
But Absolon for to vsurpe, the kingdome in his pride.
And to destroy his father deare, whome he had kept with care,
Such counsell could Achitophell, that popish priest prepare:
But God the guide of Princely thrones, his purpose could preuent,
who hath appointed prudencie, in this her gouernment,
with Salomon for to discerne, the flie from forged arte,
with Samson eke the Lyons iawes, to teare and pull apart.
For God hath made your mosseled mouthes, your secrets forth to show,
Your owne vile handes your heartes bereaue, of life and breath also,
Can iudgement ioynd with iustice then, be made a fortunes wheele:
Hath God no worke in this your wracke, which iustly now ye feele.
Awake ye momish Madianites, and heare your fellowes dreame:
The barley loafe must bruse your tentes, for Gedeon rules this realm,
The harloc Rahab was resolu'de, that God would his defend:
But you are growne so impudent, your mallice hath no end.
Like Rabsack the Assirian, ye thinke your sword must cut:
That by your strength ye may pull downe, that God hath builded vp.
But would ye haue your purpose sped, then runne the ready way:
Achior Holophernes tolde, what should be our decay.
Send Sathan with obliuion, to lay our heartes abroad,
That God for our ingratitude, may let her feele your sword.
But otherwise reproche is yours, as alwayes it hath bene:
For God will his annoynted keepe, from trayterous handes vncleane.
Will no man teach you whence Kings are, nor wherfore they are sent:
Let Peter be your patron then, and yeeld your selues content.
Giue honour to the King sayth he, as to the ruler chiefe:
Sent for the safetie of the good, but for the wickeds griefe.
Thapostle Paule could this alleadge, when Festus was in place:
I haue committed naught sayth he, against law nor Cæsars grace.
If thou wilt prooue Gods minister, pleade so for thy defence:
If not, as traytour take thy leaue, for all thy proud pretence.
We must not still be blest like babes, with bottles full of blis:
But teache vs in the booke of God, what subiectes duetie is.
And eke what Princes in their place, of subiectes ought to haue,
What fayth, what feare, what Cæsar may of duetie duely craue.
Ioyne not with Iewish Iesuits, theyr godly Prince to spoyle:
Remember that thy Bishopricke, ought beare no trayterous broyle.
Seduce not subiectes from their due, but loyall let them bee:
And deale with doctrine faythfully, as best becommeth thee.
Thapostles were not leaft as Lordes, goe looke what Christ doth say,
Much lesse for to depose a Prince, if Dauid liu'de this day.
He would pronounce thy punishment, and thus his sentence bring:
The man shall dye that dare lay hand, on Gods annointed King.
But you pronounce a pardon playne, and great reward also,
In this life and the life to come, that thereabout shall goe.
And prayers make for present helpe, but vnto whome I doubt,
Not God I know, but Sathan must your purpose bring about.
But how you prosper with the same, let heauen and earth take view,
How God doth wrestle with your worke, who is a iudge most true.
will Balam bluntly beate his Asse, though God withstand his way,
will Ionas still to Tharsis flie, what euer God doth say.
will Holophernes hard of heart, at no time vnderstand,
whose force it is that doth defend poore Iudith from his hand,
will foolish Pharaoh neuer finde, although he feele indeede:
Iehouah still to fight for them, that are the faythfull seede.
will shamelesse iudges neuer cease, to seeke Susannaes bloud,
Till Daniell doe pronounce theyr doome, then stoning is to good,
will Haman Mardocheus hang, on gallous at his gate,
But Hesters prayers will be heard, himselfe shall hang thereat.
O Balish Babilonian, and Balthazar by name.
Let Daniell reade the kingdomes fall, and ruine of the same.
For thou art wayed and found to light, thy kingdome must be rent.
Lo, Chaiphas in thy byshhopricke, hath long bene resident.
But God shall smite that paynted wall, who persecutes his flocke.
And teare him from his triple throane, and breake him like a crocke.
Who sitting on his regall seate, shall laugh his foes to scorne,
By whome their names out of this booke, of lyfe shall quite be torne.
Such are the iudgements of the Lorde, for them that shall dispise.
His scepter and annoynted seate, by any enterprise.
No Patriarke, no Pope, no Priest, nor vicar that may vaunt,
Supremacie on sacred prince, but loyaltie to graunt.
Of prince therefore no euill speake, no not in secret bed,
For sure the birdes shall thee bewraie, when thou shalt shewe thy head.
Although thy treasons tooke effect, in Gods appoynted time,
By murthering of a vertuous prince, let not thy courage clime.
Though God giue lothsome traytours leaue, our gratious prince to kil,
Triumphe not thou as though thy strength, had wun the golden hill.
But whensoeuer it shalbe, if God haue so decreed.
It is not thou, no it is wee, through whome it doth proceed.
And therefore brethren deere I pray, let heart and heades be ope.
To craue of God to saue her grace, from this vngodly Pope.
And that our sinnes may not deserue, so greeuous plagues to fall.
That in his wrath he take away, his word our Prince and all,
with watered eyes therefore behold, the euils of this age
And with great care of conscience passe, through this our pilgrimage.
Let eche man trie his pathes and steppes, least we should tread awry:
Let all our workes be wrought in feare, for Sathan standeth by.
who sifteth vs as in a searce, for suttle is his shift:
That he may shake our feeble fayth, to this is all his drift.
Then downe comes all that we haue done, our labour is but lost:
Our coupling cannot holde togither, if he remoue that post.
For if we falter in our fayth, what works can haue effect:
As is our fayth, so followes workes, direct or indirect.
Be not deceaued, see the fruites, corrupt are all our wayes:
And there is no man that doth good, not one as Dauid sayes.
we haue bene gadding after gaine, from God and his good lawes:
But let vs turne againe to him, and eke confesse the cause
O let vs runne and ring the bell, that hangeth by his eare:
Yea ring it out and neuer cease, till mercy make him heare.
Come let vs tumble out our teares, and on his feete them cast:
That he may see our sorrowes great, and pitie haue at last.
with bowed backes and broken heartes, prostrate before him fall,
With sighings sent from sobbing brest, confesse our faultes withall.
And pardon prayd for that is past, prepare vs to amend,
This sayd, thus done, let papist proud, his treason still pretend.
Our God shall giue them such a blow, vpon the hard cheeke bone:
That all the world shall see and know, how God doth keepe his owne.
And we shall sing with himnes and Psalmes, the prayses of his name:
All Christians shall confesse and say, Amen vnto the same.
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